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Whether it is Pre-bid, Post Bid, Project Management or Scheduling we are here to help. 

We have a very proven track record of success.

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Consulting Services

Sandy River Construction Services (SRCS) is a Professional Services firm dedicated to the betterment of the construction industry. We create knowledge and skill. We work solely with Construction Firms and Public Agencies and assist them in managed and continued growth. Call us today at 503-668-7277 to find out how we can help you.

We use our experience derived from years of "in the field and in the office" experience to deliver an elite method of consulting. This method begins with an initial understanding of the clients baseline of knowledge, and knowing that there is no one template or situation where one size fits all. Each and every company, and each and every employee is unique in the baseline of skills and knowledge they possess. We have the dexterity needed to create the bridge to connect the clients needs, the owners needs and the projects needs to create a win for all.

After an initial analysis we will tell you the straight truth..not just what you want to hear and sometimes what you don't want to hear, but you can rest assured it will be accurate, timely and critical information. And we won't spend hours of your time doing it.

Our consulting and services brings success by implanting our proven methods in targeted areas of a company. We take into account the strengths already in place and build on those thereby shoring up areas that need attention. Depending on our clients' needs results can be global or very targeted. Each client is unique.