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Allow Team members access by customized Role. Owners, Subs, Vendors. Cuts down correspondence time and captures the paper trail with no additional effort and no additional cost.

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 Corecon Key Features:

Benefits include:
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Corecon CMS for AECs

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The industry Game Changer is here:

Corecon Technologies has provided a solution to the
construction collaboration challenge with its latest product
offering —TeamLink Portal. A Web-based service, this simple
and user friendly portal provides subscribers of Corecon, with
an economical solution to store, exchange and comment on
pertinent project information with all internal or external
project participants in real-time.

Unlimited Teamlink Logins are available to Corecon Subscription holders at NO CHARGE

By utilizing a highly evolved single point of entry architecture, Corecon saves it users untold hours of redundant data entry. Therefore, by streamlining Project Management it allows its users to stay substantially ahead of the curve.

Sandy River Construction Services is proud to offer Corecon as a CMS solution. The SRCS team will bring your construction company to the forefront of construction technologies by integrating Corecon with your Business.

Corecon V7 - Construction Software Features
Cutting Edge Technology

The TeamLink Portal was built from the ground up to connect "your" business with external team members. As a result, project execution and communication will greatly improve and the relationships with all parties involved will benefit! This secure portal will greatly reduce phone calls and emails from outside team members by giving them access to project details on an as needed basis. In addition, customers will feel at ease that communication tools are in place to reduce delays and improve project execution.


Customize detail reports using Microsoft Word templates
Customize log reports with options for field selection, sorting, grouping, and filters

Project Financial Dashboards 

Filters to analyze multiple projects, a single project, or contract.
Separate views for Cost, Revenue (i.e. contract amount), and Hour Budgets to compare estimated versus actuals
Work-In-Process Analysis
Drill-down options by Job Cost Code
Vendor Dashboards for single or multiple projects

Business Development 

Contact Management system tailored to architects, engineers, and contractors
Full Lead tracking system to record job opportunities
Categorize Leads using unlimited classifications
Create and track Drawings, Specs, Estimates, and Correspondence for each Lead
Lead Calendar: Show bids due and correspondence that have reminder dates
Use Stages (i.e. reviewing plans, bidding, bid submitted, awarded) to record Lead status
Lead Dashboards to analyze stages by quarter and year-over-year comparisons


Build your own cost database or use industry standard databases from RS Means
Create multiple estimates (i.e. Base Bid, Alt 1, Alt 2) for Leads and Projects
Organize estimate up to 4 tiers using Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
Use Request For Quotation (RFQ) Packages to collect and track Sub/Supplier bids
Estimate Markups at 3 levels: Line item, WBS Section, and Global (entire estimate)
Cuts and Adds for last minute changes
Professional looking Proposal and Detail Reports
Wizards to Copy or Compare Estimates (i.e. Base Bid versus Base Bid Rev 2)

Estimate to Project Management Setup Wizards 

Estimate to PM Wizard: Creates Job Cost Codes, Contract, and Budgets
Estimate to Procurement Wizard: Issue POs and Subcontracts to awarded vendors in RFQ Packages
Estimate to Scheduling Wizard: Create summary or detail Schedules from Estimate

Contract Administration 

Create one or more Contracts for phased work (i.e. building 1 or 2)
Contract Types: Fixed Lump Sum, Cost Plus with or without Guarantee Maximum Price (GMP), and Unit Price
Track 4 types of Budgets per Contract: M/L/E/S/O Cost, Revenue (i.e. Contract Amount), Labor Hours, Equipment Hours
Track changes using Change Proposal Request (CPR) and Change Order (CO) features
Create Progress Invoices for every contract type including AIA format


Suppliers: POs and Bills
Subs: Subcontracts, Sub Change Orders (SCO), and Sub Invoices
Eliminate over billing by vendors

Time Tracking 

Labor Timecards
Equipment Timecards
Import option from Microsoft Excel


Industry standard features: Journals (i.e. Letters), RFIs, Submittals, Comply Notices
Built-in Email and Fax capabilites
Collaborate with outside team members using Corecon's TeamLink portal
Reminder and Due Date options for Recipients. Items that are not closed will appear in Project Calendar.


Improve quality control using Checklists and Punchlist Items
Record Meeting Minutes
Document Safety Accidents and Meetings per OSHA standards


Track multiple Schedules per Project
3 Scheduling Views: Gantt, Resource, and Calendar
Cutting edge Gantt control using Microsoft Silverlight 4.0 technology eliminates refreshes in browser
Import capabilities from Microsoft Excel and Project

Security and Infrastructure 

Corecon's Infrastructure Provider: (2007, 2005, 2003 Microsoft Hosting Provider of the Year)
Rackspace Security Certification: SAS 70
24/7 Server Monitoring
Nightly Backups including Weekends
99.9% Uptime Guarantee

International Support

Supports any Date Format (ex. mm/dd/yyyy, dd/mm/yyyy)
Currency format can be specified by Project