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Top Ten Mistakes when Selecting Software

Rob Bruce - Thursday, May 09, 2013

A lot of folks ask for my help when they are selecting software. I have been doing this for over 13 years now and hopefully have gotten quite good at it. Here is my list for the top ten mistakes people make when selecting software..hope it helps....

Top Ten Mistakes

10) inexperienced person researching software and getting demos, don’t know what they are looking at or for

9) Not understanding industry standards. A company has their own cost codes and file systems that aren’t true to industry standards. Most software forces you to follow certain standards, this leads to confusion and frusteration

8) Lack of Training, many times companies think they are saving money by asking their employees to “figure it” out. Buying pre packaged training is less expensive in the long run

7) Not getting buy in from entire company or at least a team. Project management wants one thing, estimating and accounting another

6) Not planning the implementation properly. This lead to “we will get around to finishing it one day” attitude and the project falls off the radar and a ton on time, money and energy just got wasted.

5) Not understanding true cost of ownership of software, budgets get blown and nothing gets completed

4) Buying on a whim due to a sudden and one time pain point. Do your research, think it through. Impulse software buys are rarely a good thing.

3) Follow thru on implementation. A big job comes in the door, Aunt Sallys puppy has a litter of kittens, the list is endless for things that derail a perfectly well planned implementation. Stick to your plan.

2) Underestimating the cost of customizing the software to your needs. Templates needs to be built, data sorted, reformatted and imported. This all takes time and money.

1) Not fully understanding what your needs are. This leads to over buying or under buying. If a software sales person sees you are unclear on what you need they will oversell you.



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