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A Good Management Style

Rob Bruce - Monday, September 10, 2012

Here's a management piece that’s critical to take note of. When you are managing people especially in construction be sure to take the management style of being a coach and not take the mentality that everybody should just know how to get things done your way, especially on particular jobs. I guarantee you that on a particular task on a construction site there are ten ways to get it done and for the most part all of of them are correct. And you have a right as an owner or manager to get it done your way.

However don’t assume people know what your way is. Take the time to convey the info you have in your head to the employees, how you want it done and more importantly why you need it done that way. Your workers are focused on their tasks and aren’t always privy to the higher picture information. Take the time to discuss with them, let them ask questions and offer suggestions. Remember…they want to do a good job, they are doing the best they can. Give them the information they need. We have a saying for this….

You can't give somebody 30% of the information and expect them to do a 100% of the job.

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